Technology and knowledge for the digital transformation of education

Our mission is to integrate technology and knowledge for the development of education. At Learning Space, every educational journey is full of inspiration and discoveries.

Learning Space products and ecosystem are the answer to the challenges of modern hybrid education, combining technology and a passion for learning. With many years of experience in the EdTech industry, we proudly offer tools that transform traditional teaching methods into an engaging and effective educational experience.



Everything you need.

Learning Space is more than just an ordinary e-learning platform.

We have prepared a comprehensive set of tools for creating online courses, managing educational materials, interactive learning, and analyzing students' progress. We assist in modern management of the entire process of transmitting and acquiring knowledge. From tools for course creation to advanced analyses and reports - we have everything you need.

  • Intuitive course creator

  • 70 lesson formats

  • Automatic housework

  • Quizzes and tests

  • Exams

  • Offline and online events

  • Cohort courses

  • Individual course plan

  • Advanced analytics

    The first educational recommender for creating professional courses

    We have developed an educational recommender that, using online education methodology, supports you in creating an optimal online course tailored to your target group. Just a few clicks are enough to create an entire course plan.

    The algorithm also supports your students in the knowledge acquisition process - it engages, motivates, and suggests how to learn in a way that makes this process even more effective.


    Discover the applications of
    Learning Space


    Enterprises: HR

    The platform can be used for continuous employee skill development. Personalization and reusability of materials allow you to create courses tailored to specific company needs. Atomization of lessons facilitates knowledge acquisition in short, accessible sessions.

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Employee training
  • Mentoring and coaching programs
  • Talent management

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    Enterprises: Product & Sales

    Enabling customers, employees, and other stakeholders to better understand and utilize products or services can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately sales growth.

  • Tutoring and customer service
  • Technical certification and accreditation
  • Sales academies
  • Gamification

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    Formal Education

    The platform can be utilized by teachers, schools, and universities as a tool to supplement the standard curriculum, offering additional materials and resources.

  • Certification programs
  • Monetizing knowledge - online courses
  • School education - hybrid courses
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Remedial classes
  • Tutoring

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    Accelerators and Academies

    The platform is ideal for conducting advanced educational and advisory programs such as accelerators and academies. We have prepared functionalities to support the management of the process, ensure reusability of content as well as their personalization, while maintaining process transparency.

  • Individual development/acceleration plans
  • Processes of leveling up and acquiring knowledge
  • Consulting and mentoring
  • Working on the final project
  • Our principles of modern education

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